Don’t let a technical mistake lead to a denial of disability benefits

by | Aug 14, 2015 | Social Security Disability |

You may have heard this fact before: most applications for Social Security disability benefits are denied, even when they are considered a second time. So why?

The sad truth is that each year many Pennsylvania residents with legitimate disabilities are denied SSDI benefits because of technical mistakes. A disability may be severe enough to keep a person from working, but the application for benefits isn’t properly filled out, or the applicant doesn’t provide sufficient medical evidence.

If your disability claim has been denied, then don’t hesitate to speak with disability law attorney. Waiting could cause you to miss an important deadline.

A claim for disability benefits can also be denied for the following reasons:

  • The disability isn’t severe enough
  • The applicant tries to go back to work before the existence of a disability is proven
  • The applicant is still able to do the same or a similar kind of work that was done before the disability
  • The applicant can do a different kind of work
  • The disability is not expected to last a year or longer
  • The applicant doesn’t follow a doctor’s orders or otherwise doesn’t cooperate
  • The disability is determined to be caused by alcoholism or drug addiction

The good news is that a denied claim is not necessarily the end of the road, even if your claim has been denied twice. In the appeals process, there is also an administrative hearing before an administrative law judge. It’s at this hearing where a disability law attorney can most likely help in terms of navigating courtroom procedures and effectively presenting medical evidence to the judge.

Just remember: if your claim for disability benefits has been denied, then you are not alone. Explore your appeal options with the help of a disability law attorney.