Earlier this summer we wrote about how parents should be vigilant about talking to their kids about the dangers of distracted driving. Indeed, the longer days and lack of school would mean that younger drivers would be on the road later in the day. This is ostensibly why the summer months are considered the 100 deadly days of summer.

With half of the summer effectively over, we find it prudent to issue a reminder to parents and the teenage drivers about the dangers of texting and driving. Both should take notice of the numbers and statistics surrounding distracted driving. This post will highlight a few. 

341,000 – This represents the number of crashes in the United States in 2013 that involved a cell phone.

33 percent – This represents the percentage of drivers aged 18 to 64 who reportedly writing or receiving (and reading) a text message while behind the wheel. This number was double the number of drivers from Spain who were surveyed.

Four times – This number represents the increased risk of being in a car accident if you use a cell phone while driving.

Two and Five – Drivers can safely take their eyes off the road for two seconds at a time, but they reportedly do so for five seconds at a time to check their phones.

46 – This represents the number of states in the U.S. that ban texting while driving

If you have been injured by a person you believe was texting and driving, you may be entitled to compensation. An experienced attorney can help.