Motorists in Pennsylvania know that traveling on the state’s roads carries risks of receiving personal injuries due to accidents. Most of these motorists try to drive in as safe a manner as possible to preserve their safety. However, they must also consider the safety of other people, and this means practicing safe driving near the contractors and laborers who work on these roads.

Like many other states, Pennsylvania has a law in place to reduce accidental highway worker injuries. It is called the Work Zone Safety Law and violations can lead to serious penalties. Each year, many highway workers receive serious injuries due to work zone accidents, and some workers even lose their lives. The Work Zone Safety Law seeks to protect these valuable workers by getting tough on motorists who put these people in jeopardy.

The penalties imposed by the law for active work zones may be more severe than typical traffic penalties and include:

— Loss of driving privileges — Double fines — Jail time

Employers must also do their part to preserve the safety of their workforce. This means clearly posting signs, setting up flashing lights and utilizing other appropriate safety measures. Roadway work projects with an estimated cost of more than $300,000 should have an additional layer of safety by adding speed-monitoring devices for motorists.

Despite the law and the safety efforts used by contractors, many Pennsylvania highway workers lose their lives while performing their work duties each year. If you have lost your loved one due to a workplace accident in a Pennsylvania active work zone, you can learn if an attorney can help you with workers’ compensation death benefits by exploring our website.