The youth of today fill an important role in the Pennsylvania workplace. From working in simple delivery jobs to more sophisticated mining and agricultural careers, young people keep the busy world in motion. Driving is one of the most common duties assigned to members of the workforce younger than 25 years of age. While most young drivers work hard at their jobs, they are also at risk for being involved in serious or fatal work-related motor vehicle accidents as well.

Here are the industries in which drivers between the ages of 16 and 25 years old experience the highest risk of injury or death while driving on the job.

— 1. Waste management– 2. Mining– 3. Agriculture– 4. Public administration– 5. Transportation and warehousing

There are many reasons young drivers may have a car accident while on-the-job behind the wheel of an automobile. Often, the accident was just that — a true accident. Other times, real or perceived work pressures may have contributed. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, these are some of the factors that may contribute to work-related accidents involving young drivers:

— Not enough driving experience– Overconfidence in driving skills– Undeveloped decision-making skills– Poor judgment or impulse control– Inconsistent use of seat belt– Distractions while driving– In a rush to meet deadlines

Like other types of workplace accidents, drivers injured while operating a vehicle at work are often eligible for workers’ compensation. However, this may not be the only source of benefits due an injured Pennsylvania worker. If the accident was caused by another driver or through faulty parts or equipment, a personal injury lawsuit can also provide financial rewards.

If you have been injured because of a workplace motor vehicle accident, consider speaking with an attorney to see if you meet the requirements for a personal injury lawsuit.

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