If there’s any summer holiday that motorcycle riders revel in, it is the Fourth of July. There’s a couple of reasons for this; first, the weather will be spectacular for riding. There’s nothing like a warm summer day to bring out one’s bike. Second, riding a motorcycle exemplifies the freedoms that are guaranteed for Americans. There’s a certain “cool” factor that comes with riding a bike, especially a Harley Davidson.

While riding may be great, it comes with its share of dangers. After all, motorcycle riders don’t have a steel cage protecting them in the event of an accident. Because of this riders have to be additionally vigilant; especially during a holiday weekend. With that, riders should take into account the following tips.

Watch your alcohol intake before getting on your bike – Because of the potential number of drunk drivers on the road, law enforcement will be out in force to catch them. This includes drunk motorcycle riders. Besides the criminal element, drunk riders are more likely to be in an accident.  

Watch your speed – Just as law enforcement will out to catch drunk drivers (and riders) they will also be out to catch speeders. Also, excessive speed plays a part in countless accidents. Essentially, going to fast will reduce the reaction time to avoid hazards.  

Stay out of blind spots – Yes, drivers have a responsibility to use reasonable care in looking out for hazards, especially motorcycle riders. But staying out of a driver’s blind spot is likely the best chance to stay out of an accident. Essentially, a driver will assume that motorcycle rider is not there if he or she is not seen.