After an accident, your main focus should be on getting better. However, healing does not always happen in a hospital. Depending on the nature of your injuries, you are likely to do most of your recovery at a specialized rehabilitation center. The difference is that rehab centers focus on helping you learn how to use your (and train) your muscles again, whereas a hospital helps in treating injuries directly.

However, like hospitals, rehabilitation centers cost money as well; but these costs may not be covered by your conventional health insurance plan. This is why in seeking compensatory damages after a car accident, Pennsylvania law allows you to seek such damages for rehabilitation costs, in addition to costs for medical expenses and pain and suffering. 

A good example is how Tracy Morgan spent an extended amount of time at such a facility after being treated for extensive injuries after being involved in a truck accident last June. The crash injured several people in his entourage and killed one of his dearest friends.

With the recent settlement between Morgan and Wal-Mart, it is reasonable to suspect that part of it will go towards paying the costs of Morgan’s stint at the rehabilitation center. (The terms of the settlement were not disclosed).  Indeed, he still has a long road to full recovery, and it is unknown whether he will fully recover, but the important takeaway is that an experienced personal injury attorney can help in securing compensation for accident victims that will help in paying for recovery treatments.