In a number of our posts, we have noted that the additional cars on the road could increase the risk of accidents. Part of this danger involves the passing of slow moving trucks on two-lane highways. Essentially, impatient drivers stuck behind these trucks may not know when it is safe to overtake them by briefly driving in the opposite lane. Inopportune lane changes could result in head-on collisions.

If Samsung has its way, it could reduce the chances of these accidents occurring. The South Korean technology company is proposing to build “see through” safety trucks that will allow drivers to see what’s coming on the opposite side of the road. 

Essentially, the trucks will have a front facing camera on the cab that shows what the driver is seeing ahead of the vehicle. The image is transferred to a large video screen on the back of the truck so that drivers following an oversized trailer will be able to see what is up ahead, thus making it safer to pass.

A prototype was tested in Argentina, where the risk of accidents on two-lane roads was unusually high. It is unknown at this point when these trucks will be seen on American roads. In the meantime, drivers must use reasonable care when driving behind large trucks. Part of this duty includes following at a safe distance so that a safe view of the road ahead can be seen.

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