With tens of thousands of people employed in the Pennsylvania construction industry, safety is often a key concern. This is true for both workers and the contractors who employee these workers. These types of careers involve a variety of tasks such as demolition, roofing, roadwork, carpentry, electrical work and many others.

Unfortunately, the construction industry is one of the most dangerous, with each task presenting its own risks. In fact, there are times when performing these jobs results in death to the worker unless he or she adheres to the industry’s strict safety measures.

Here are the four most dangerous hazards present in the construction industry:

— Falling: Often employment in the construction industry necessitates working at high altitudes. Falling from these altitudes can lead to severe injury or death. Full training is required to spot fall hazards and to use fall protection gear properly.

— Electric Shocks: Electricity can be a deadly hazard on construction sites. Workers untrained in working with electricity should be aware of nearby utilities and other electrical threats at all times.

— Struck by Objects: On most construction sites, things are really jumping. Everyone is busy which can maximize the risk of being struck by an object. Everyone on site should remain aware of their surroundings and the people that are nearby at all times to minimize accidents.

— Getting Caught In Between: While it does not sound like this is a major hazard, it can be deadly under certain circumstances. It is best to avoid deep trenches and other tight areas without a safety plan in place for prevention of these kinds of accidents.

In the event that you or someone you know has been injured in a construction accident, workers’ compensation can help you and your family manage the injuries better. For helping filing a claim, seek the advice of an attorney.

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