If you have seen more motorcycles on the road than usual, it may be because riders know that May is motorcycle safety month. More than just a celebration of motorcycle riders, it is about knowing how drivers can be more diligent about seeing motorcyclists. After all, a car-motorcycle accident could have dire consequences for those riding on two wheels. Nope, there is no steel cage protecting motorcycle riders, so there are a few helpful tips to be followed.

This post will highlight them

Be seen – It is common for drivers to claim that they did not see a motorcycle rider when an accident occurs. Yes, this may be the case in extreme circumstances; but for the most part, it may just be a poor excuse. Nevertheless, motorcycle riders should use their headlights, wear clothing that allows them to be seen, and most importantly, stay out of blind spots.

Don’t drink and ride – Simply put, drinking alcohol and then trying to operate a motor vehicle (whether it is a car, motorcycle or ATV) is not a good idea. However, you would be surprised with how many riders try to do so. Alcohol affects a rider’s judgment and balance; two critical elements needed to safely operate a motorcycle. So it is not a good choice to drink and ride.

Obey the speed laws – It is tempting to open up your bike on an open road. It is also tantalizing to find ways through traffic when cars are hopelessly locked in bumper to bumper traffic. Nevertheless, obeying the speed laws is a good way for riders to avoid accidents (and the police).