By their very nature, industrial companies throughout Pennsylvania are the sites of worker accidents from time to time. From manufacturing to the chemical industry to warehouse careers, these jobs can be dangerous to those who do the heavy lifting and other types of work.

While workers’ compensation is an enormous help to those suffering severe injury in a workplace accident, the funds do not typically cover any extras. In fact, it can be difficult to make ends meet if workers’ comp is the injured employee’s only income during recovery.

Work-related injuries can occur for many reasons, from human error to improper maintenance. However, defective parts or machinery can also result in an accident. When defective equipment is an issue, the defects can occur in an entire piece of machinery, in one or more parts of a machine or in the materials that an employee uses during the course of operations.

Modern manufacturers and industrial companies utilize several redundant quality-control methods to make certain that the equipment is safe and in good condition. However, sometimes these methods fail to identify a potential problem and an industrial accident occurs.

Pennsylvania is home to a large array of industrial businesses. While this is excellent for the economy and for the residents who need work, it can also mean that our state’s inhabitants are at a high risk for work-related injuries. Fortunately, the state offers legal options to injured workers interested in seeking compensation for the injuries they sustained in such an accident.

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