In a prior post, we highlighted several different tips that teen drivers can incorporate during prom season so that they can avoid tragic accidents. Indeed, limiting distractions and not drinking and driving are obvious choices, but some teen drivers may not take seriously the importance of keeping their eyes on the road.

Indeed, teens are different when it comes to driving safety. We have highlighted how they may put on makeup while driving, change clothes and even do their homework while driving. But a recent study conducted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration put into context the danger of long glances away from the road. 

Basically, researchers found that drivers who took their eyes off the road were more likely to be unprepared to deal with sudden hazards compared to drivers who did not. For instance, a child darting into the road is likely to be missed by a driver who is looking down at their phone to read a text message. Similarly, a driver who is looking for that M&M candy that they dropped may not see stopped traffic in time.

Because of this, drivers in Pennsylvania must be vigilant in using reasonable care while behind the wheel. Keeping one’s eyes on the road is just important a part of using such care as observing speed laws or refraining from alcohol before driving. If a driver fails to use reasonable care and an accident occurs as a result, the diver could be held liable for the ensuing injuries.

The preceding is not legal advice.