In our last post, we highlighted some of the common (and favorite) rites of spring. Oh, by the way, congratulations to the Pirates for winning their home owner. But we digress.

In spring, snow gives way to rain. After all, the adage “April showers brings May flowers” has some truth to it. Sometimes, our region experiences severe storms. Just as icy roads during the winter time could be treacherous, exceptionally wet roads can lead to accidents as well.

Because of this, we find it prudent to highlight some spring driving tips that can keep drivers safe in inclement weather. 

Keep your distance – On dry roads, it is common to keep two seconds worth of space between you and the car in front of you (especially when driving at highway speeds). When roads are wet, it is best to increase that distance so that you have more room to work with in the event of an emergency.

Maintain tread on your tires – The amount of tread on your tires is essential to being able to stop quickly; especially on wet pavement. Moreover, good tread can help you avoid hydroplaning in the event you hit water. Additionally, keeping properly inflated tires can help your tires work effectively.

Avoid hitting the brakes – Hydroplaning can be a scary and helpless experience; but there are ways to avoid making things worse. If you lose contact with the road, resist the urge to slam on the brakes. Instead, let off the gas and keep steering to keep the car in its lane. Hitting the brakes hard could cause you to spin out of control.