It’s no secret that semi-trucks are the most dangerous vehicles on Pennsylvania roads. Because of their sheer size, the results can be devastating when they collide with a passenger car. This is likely why truck drivers and their parent companies must carry such high amounts of insurance. Under federal law, truckers must carry a minimum of $750,000 in liability coverage to compensate an injured party in the event of a crash.

While this may seem like a great deal of money, consider this: a week in the hospital in intensive care could cost as much $1,700 per day. This means that a couple weeks in the hospital to recover from serious injuries could cost as much $30,000. This is before the rehabilitative care and lifestyle changes that must be paid for. 

For truckers, the $750,000 in liability coverage is enough; especially considering the premiums on such coverage. However, the federal government is poised to raise this minimum amount should it receive the proper approval. Of course, truckers are not happy about this potential increase. They claim that it may lead some providers to go out of business. Others believe that it is  only a means to make trial lawyers rich.

Regardless, consider this: the last time the minimum coverage amount was increased was 1980. Since then, medical costs have increased, the number of trucks on the road have increased, and the number of people using handheld devices behind the wheel has increased. As such, it should not be surprising if insurance costs increase as well.