It seems like spring can’t get here fast enough. Just as the region has endured another snowstorm, a round of bitter cold is following behind it. What does that mean? The road conditions around the area will be treacherous. Indeed, there are salt trucks and snow plows that will attempt to clear roads, but the threat of black ice still remains until the weather gets warmer.

With that said, drivers must be vigilant. In prior posts, we have noted drivers’ legal duty to use reasonable care while driving in inclement conditions, and how driving habits must change when conditions deteriorate. However, many drivers may not know what they should do when they hit black ice. This post will offer a few tips. 

Don’t panic – The natural inclination when you lose control is to hit the brakes…hard. According to safety experts, this may only make the situation worse. Instead, laying off the brakes may be a better option. Take your foot off the accelerator let the car slow down.

Avoid sharp turns – Additionally, resist the urge to turn the wheel sharply and try to overcorrect. This may cause you to spin out of control and make the situation worse.

Snow may be your friend – If you do slide from the road and towards a snow bank, the snow covered road may help you gain the traction you need to regain control.

Ultimately, accidents caused by black ice could be avoided. If you have questions about what your rights and options are after such an accident, an experienced attorney can help.