Law enforcement authorities have reported that a woman who was working as a flagger in Perry County was hit by a car and killed while she was on the job on Feb. 11. Reportedly, the accident occurred near Duncannon.

According to law enforcement, the 52-year-old woman had parked her vehicle on the side of the road and was assisting a truck that was carrying a mobile home with navigating through the area. As the woman was helping direct the truck, an 18-year-old woman hit the flagger’s parked car, pushing the car into the woman and killing her.

An area resident who witnessed the accident indicated the flagger was drug several feet. According to the witness, she and another neighbor attempted to perform CPR on the woman to no avail. At the time of the report, officers had not determined whether the younger woman will be charged. They indicated they were still investigating the crash and its cause. Residents indicated many accidents occur on the particular stretch of the road where this accident happened.

When a worker is killed while working on the job, the worker’s family is often left with significant financial expenses and losses in addition to the pain and grief they may experience. Just as injured workers are able to recover benefits to compensate them for their losses due to workplace accidents, so are the families of workers who are killed. By filing a workers’ compensation claim, the family of a worker who is killed on the job may receive benefits to pay for any medical expenses their loved one incurred, the reasonable cost of funeral and burial expenses, needed counseling and ongoing monthly benefits payments to replace a portion of their loved one’s lost income.

Source:, “Female flagger struck, killed by car in Perry County,” Feb. 11, 2015