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A Feb. 15 accident has led to the injury of one worker in Derry Township. The incident reportedly occurred after 5 p.m. An explosion at a natural gas company building resulted in a fire, which apparently led to burns to the arms and face of the worker. Officials indicate that the man was conscious at the time he was transported by air to an area hospital. Meanwhile, the company worked to disconnect the supply of natural gas to the building. The fire was put out, and officials indicate that damage to the building was not significant.

An individual who is injured in a similar incident could be faced with painful physical and medical challenges. A work-related injury can also cause serious financial consequences as an individual is prevented from earning a living while recovering from major trauma. In most cases, such damages are mitigated through workers’ compensation coverage that is provided by an employer. An accident that causes major injuries might require prompt medical treatment before an accident report can be filed.

As medical care is obtained, a worker is still typically required to file a workers’ compensation claim with an employer so that the case can be handled by the appropriate oversight agency. This report is often important for establishing a worker’s claim for medical and other benefits. If the injuries lead to a significant amount of time away from work, wage compensation may be initiated. Additionally, medical needs such as prescription medications may be reimbursed through this system if there have been personal expenditures for covered costs.

Because most employers are required to carry workers’ compensation insurance, filing a claim is sometimes a formality. However, there can be situations in which claims are denied or in which medical needs might not be fully met. In such cases, legal support could be important for stressing the relevance of treatments or for arguing the legitimacy of the claims.

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