The Thanksgiving holiday is nearly upon us. This means that the busiest travel days of the year will see more than 46 million people travelling more than 50 miles away from their homes later this week. For people in our region, driving may be treacherous with a blast of cold air and precipitation looming. Nevertheless, bad weather usually doesn’t prevent people from getting to loved ones.

Because of the large volume of cars expected to be on the road, drivers must be careful about the usual hazards (i.e. slick spots, drunk drivers, distracted drivers) that can lead to accidents. This blog post will provide some helpful tips.

Take it easy – It may seem obvious that drivers should be wary of the speed limit, but when roads become icy, wet or conditions become foggy, drivers should slow down so that road hazards and traffic slowdowns do not lead to accidents.

Stay off your cell phone – The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that inattentiveness is the top cause for car accidents (even though excessive speed may be the main culprit). Nevertheless, light traffic during a long road trip may bring about the temptation to text. Simply put, text messages can wait till you come to a complete stop.

Don’t drive while you’re sleepy – While public service advertisements will focus on drunk drivers, drowsy drivers may be just as likely to be involved in an accident. With that said, drivers should get plenty of rest. Also, taking breaks during a long road trips is a good idea.

We wish our readers a happy Thanksgiving!