In a prior post, we highlighted the dangers that come with the fall driving season. Essentially, we noted how the change in temperatures may lead to foggy mornings, low levels of sun could lead to temporary blinding views in the mornings and afternoons, and how wet roads covered with fall leaves could lead to slippery conditions.

In this post, we focus on pedestrians and the dangers they face from drivers during the fall. The cooler temperatures may bring more people out to enjoy the beauty of how the leaves change before they fall. But also, the change from daylight savings time to standard time may result in more people walking during the dark. Hence the safety tips that we have for pedestrians.

Be seen – When walking or jogging at night, it is essential that you take steps to be seen by drivers. This may include wearing reflective clothing or bright (even neon) colors so that you stand out against the darkness. Additionally, there may be some running suits (and running accessories) that include small LED lights.

Cross at crosswalks – Intersections have painted lines for a reason. They are to establish where cars are to stop, and allow pedestrians with a safe passage way. Generally, pedestrians are protected from liability when they cross in crosswalks. Also, the where there is a busy street and limited opportunities to cross, the crosswalk may be a pedestrian’s best bet.

Beware of drinking alcohol – Indeed, there are countless public service announcements decrying the use of alcohol when behind the wheel. The same applies to pedestrians. A pedestrian under the influence of alcohol may increase the chances of being in an accident.