With new model year cars on the market, manufacturers are proud to tout the latest safety enhancements, especially with luxury vehicles. A number of models feature lane integrity warning systems, as well as motion sensors that work with braking systems that will apply the brakes before a driver can react to a hazard.

In light of these advancements, you would think that all luxury models would pass IIHS safety tests with great marks. However, this was not the case. A recent IIHS report indicated that two large luxury cars did not receive positive marks. 

The Lincoln MKS received a poor rating in front-end crashes. Researchers said that a driver’s head would likely make marginal contact with the airbag and eventually slide away into the instrument panel. A driver would also likely have severe leg and hip injuries based on how the car performed in crash tests. The MKS received a poor rating.

Also, the BMW 5 Series had similar issues. Researchers found that the steering wheel could intrude as much as 12 inches in front end crashes. However, the movement of a driver’s body could be controlled. Additionally, the front and side airbags adequately protect the driver. It received a marginal rating.

Nevertheless, the ratings are instructive in that they help manufacturers make design changes so that consumers are less likely to be injured unnecessarily in accidents, and that costly recalls can be avoided. In the meantime, it is unknown whether BMW or Lincoln will be making any such changes to address the ratings given.