If there are two things that can make a driver crazy, they are discourteous drivers and heavy traffic. Rude drivers can raise a person’s ire by cutting people off in traffic, tailgating and using high beams to get people to move out the fast lane…even when the lead car is speeding. These tactics may lead to “road rage” or anger behind the wheel that is so pervasive that it often leads to aggressive behavior with a 3,000 pound car being used as a weapon.

As much as how these tactics may be annoying, there are a number of drivers who may be guilty of this as well. How do you know if you are susceptible to road rage? A short test provided by safemotorist.com can help you understand if you are. 

Essentially, if you do the following on a regular basis, chances are that you may feel road rage more often than you think:

–          Regularly drive above the speed limit

–          Try to beat red lights often

–          Use your horn on a regular basis

–          Drive while intoxicated (or buzzed)

–          Use obscene gestures or yell at other drivers

Those who are familiar with these attributes should be wary of the dangers that road rage can lead to. More importantly, they should be aware that a majority of auto accident fatalities are attributable to road rage. Moreover, the financial liability that can from a person who is proven to have caused an accident using road rage should be enough to cool one’s temper when it comes to driving safely.