In a past post, we highlighted the hazards that can come about on Pennsylvania roads during Labor Day weekend. Essentially, the swath of traffic could lead to accidents and that drivers had to adjust. Now that fall has arrived, drivers must brace for a new set of hazards that are common for this time of year.

This post will highlight them, as well as helpful tips for avoiding them. 

Deer – During this time of year, it is common for deer to migrate to find fall feeding areas. This may bring deer to cross roads; especially at night. Because of this, drivers should pay attention to their speed and be vigilant in looking out for crossing deer.

Sun glare – The change in the sun’s position could be challenging for drivers during the morning hours as well as the time nearing sunset. Sun glare can temporarily blind drivers which may leave pedestrians vulnerable and lead to near misses with other vehicles. Drivers can protect themselves by keeping their windows clean, both inside and out, so that dust particles do not form curtains on windshields.

Fog – Cold mornings can lead to fog banks which can impair a driver’s ability to see the road ahead. When this occurs, it is important for drivers to slow down for the conditions. Also resisting the urge to use high beams is recommended, given that fog banks often reflect light instead of providing a way to see through them.

Foliage – The changing leaves may be a colorful sight while on tree branches, but they can be hazardous when falling and collecting on roads. This can be especially dangerous after a rain storm or a frost. Because of this, drivers should reduce speed and be wary about what is ahead.