Five tips to keep young drivers safe

by | Sep 9, 2014 | Car Accidents |

With the new school year beginning, it is less likely that teen drivers will be driving on week nights. However, some teens will still keep their jobs and even go out with their friends on the weekend. Additionally, there will be new drivers who will get their licenses this fall, which adds an another dimension of hazards and danger on the roads.

Despite this, parents can follow what is termed the “5 for Drive” safety standards.  This blog post will highlight them.

Limit distractions – Distracted driving is one of the most prevalent dangers for teens and younger drivers, since they are more likely to keep up with friends through text messages and Twitter posts…even while driving. Because of this, limiting distracted driving is an important aspect.

Limit extra passengers – According to state graduated licensing laws, drivers who just receive their licenses may not have more than to teen aged passengers in their vehicle at a time.

Mind the speed limit – Young drivers are less likely to be involved in a crash when they follow the posted speed limits.

Don’t drink and drive – It’s against the law, but it is surprising how many kids experiment with drugs and alcohol and then think they are ok to drive. So parents should set clear rules about drinking and driving.

Wear your seatbelt – Again, seatbelt use is required under the law, but it is disappointing how many young lives are lost when seatbelts are not worn. As such, wearing seatbelts is critical to teen driver safety.