A construction accident killed one Pennsylvania roofer and left another seriously injured. The men, who were working for a private roofing company, were putting an aluminum ladder up against a home when it touched power lines. Both men were electrocuted, and the 55-year-old worker died at the scene. The second man survived the shock; EMS workers transported him to the hospital by air ambulance for treatment.

The accident happened at about 9 a.m. on Sept. 26 in Havertown. Power company officials cut the electricity to the area for several hours. Local police and power company safety officials were investigating the accident to determine how the ladder came into contact with an electrical wire.

One individual who lived across the street said people were afraid to approach the man who died out of fear that he was still charged with electricity and could electrocute them. Another neighbor said that many people have switched to fiberglass ladders for safety precautions.

Construction companies are responsible for creating a safe work environment for their employees regardless of the location. Although negligence is not required, when an employee is hurt on the job, they can file a workers’ compensation claim for lost income, medical expenses or Social Security disability. Such as in n the case of this accident, the family of a deceased worker may file for benefits on their behalf.

Even though injured workers are entitled to benefits, there are occasionally delays or problems in collecting those benefits. A lawyer can inform an injured worker or family of the deceased of all the benefits they are entitled to and might be able to help them file in a timely manner.

Source: myFOXphilly.com, “Roofer Killed By Electrocution, Co-Worker Injured”, Dave Schratwieser, September 26, 2014