In the coming weeks, tens of thousands of people will take to Pennsylvania roads for the final holiday of the summer. Labor Day weekend is a time where roads will be jammed with drivers trying to get to weekend destinations for one last summer hurrah.

Naturally, motorcycle riders must be careful when on the road. But as we noted before the Fourth of July weekend, motorcycle riders must be especially vigilant during holiday weekends. With the additional number of drivers on the road, the possibility for encounters with drunk drivers, distracted drivers and aggressive drivers increases.

With that, we will remind our readers of some of the best ways to avoid being involved in a crash

Stay sober while riding – The media reminders will be coming in force, but it is worth saying right now that motorcycle riders should refrain from alcohol while on the road. Indeed, alcohol affects a person’s judgment, so a rider may take dangerous chances that the normally would not take while sober.

Keep your helmet on – Simply put, a helmet is the most effective way to protect against head injuries when riding, and it can help in surviving a serious accident.

Mind the blind spots – Yes, drivers are supposed to see motorcycles, but they may not do so if you are riding in their blind spot. So one of the most effective ways to stay out of an accident is to stay out of a driver’s blind spot. This way, if a driver makes a sudden turn or lane change, you are likely to be out of harm’s way.