As Labor Day weekend approaches, we find it prudent to remind our readers of the dangers that await for many travelers who take to the road. Aside from distracted driving, drunk driving still remains a deadly threat for drivers all over Pennsylvania. Labor Day weekend is one of the deadliest weekends during the year, and with automobile travel expected to be high, this year’s end of summer holiday will be no different. 

So why the discussion about alcohol? There are several reasons behind it. For drivers, alcohol lowers inhibitions and affect’s a driver’s judgment. This could lead a driver to drive more aggressively, take chances that they usually don’t take and are more likely to lose control of their vehicle. In fact, a recent Washington Post article analyzed the notion that alcohol is arguably the most dangerous drug in America….by not a small margin.

Aside from the inherent danger associate with drinking and driving, there are legal consequences as well. A drunk driver who causes an accident could be held liable for the injuries and property damage suffered. This means that people who are injured in a crash can seek compensation for wages lost while not being able to work; pain and suffering, as well as medical expenses.

Despite these possible outcomes, obtaining compensation is not an easy process. It takes time, money and energy to keep these cases going until a settlement is reached or a verdict reached. If you have questions about the process of pursuing damages, an experienced personal injury attorney can help.