Former “30 Rock” and “Saturday Night Live” star Tracy Morgan has been released from the rehabilitative center where he had been recovering after spending several weeks in a New Jersey hospital. Morgan was seriously injured in the midst of a crash with a semi-truck owned by Wal-Mart.

The crash occurred last month when the driver of the truck failed to slow for stopped traffic and slammed into the rear of the limousine van that Morgan and several other people were riding in. The crash killed one of Morgan’s close friends, James “Jimmy Mack” McNair. 

Morgan recently explained that he was O.K. and that he felt strong, but he is also seeking to hold Wal-Mart responsible for the actions of its driver. He and the others riding in the limo that night filed a lawsuit in federal court accusing Wal-Mart of negligently allowing the driver to operate the vehicle. It was reported that the driver had not been asleep in more than 24 hours, and had driven from Georgia to Delaware in order to pick up the truck.

Essentially, Wal-Mart has a duty to make sure that its drivers are following all applicable safety rules. If they do not, and such a failure results in an accident, the company could be held liable. Wal-Mart has not denied liability, and appears to be cooperating with authorities in the investigation of the criminal matter. This willingness to work with injured parties may or may not be an indicator of Wal-Mart’s contrition, but it is an example of how an employer could be held liable for the actions of an employee.

Source: ABC “Tracy Morgan speaks out for the first time since Messer, July 14, 2014crash,” Lesley