Summer seems to be the ideal time for people to be on bikes. The weather is great, traffic appears to be lighter (because more motorcycles are on the road) and the exercise that comes with riding a bike is good for a person’s health. Nevertheless, riding a bike in the city comes with a unique set of dangers that are not always accounted for. Even with the latest safety advancements, bicyclists are still at risk.

This post will explain why bicycle riders must be careful while on the streets.

Riders may not get sympathy – A rider who is injured in a car-bicycle accident may not be viewed the same way as a person injured while driving a car or walking through a crosswalk. Juries may not be sympathetic to bicycle riders because of the common notion that bike riders are constantly in the way of traffic.

Less protection – Since they are not protected by a steel cage, riders are more likely to be injured in accidents because they will likely hit the pavement head on. As such, wearing a helmet is essential for bike safety.

Drivers may not pay attention – Despite legislation prohibiting texting while driving and talking on cell phones without hands-free systems, many drivers continue to do these things. Because of this, distracted driving can lead to accidents even when bicycle riders do everything right. The silver lining is that an injured rider can seek monetary compensation for pain and suffering, lost wages, medical expenses and other costs related to the accident.

If this describes your circumstances, an experienced personal injury attorney can help.