Workplace safety, particularly at construction sites, has become a major issue of concern for many workers in the Pittsburgh area. Two separate accidents, one at a hotel construction site and another at a moving company, involved a scaffolding fall. A majority of workplace accidents in the area were due to falls or being struck by moving vehicles or equipment. Recent fatal accidents have been due to electric shock or accidental pinning.

According to OSHA, there has been a major push to increase safety rates at construction sites. The agency reports that two fatal workplace accidents during the past year are still being investigated. Because of the numbers of accidents that involve a scaffolding fall, there has been a greater emphasis on safety with ladders and scaffolding. An anticipated outcome is workers having more input into what areas need to be addressed.

A construction accident is disruptive no matter how the injury occurred. Being hurt on the job can make it hard to determine exactly when, if ever, a person can resume work. Workers’ compensation helps provide injured workers with the medical care that they need while they are unable to work.

Anyone who has been the victim of a construction worker accident may benefit from using an attorney to start the workers’ compensation process. Laws concerning injured workers can seem difficult to decipher, and new legislation can always mean major changes in just how much workers can be compensated. A person who is facing any amount of time out of work after an injury will want to have the reassurance that comes with knowing exactly what sort of recourse is available.

Source: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, “Workzone: Agency building safety at construction sites“, Len Boselovic, July 13, 2014