Several workers involved in a roofing repair project were injured when the scaffolding used in the setting apparently collapsed, causing the individuals to fall approximately 20 feet. The incident occurred on the morning of June 16 in East Deer Township. The vice president of the company who owned the warehouse being repaired indicated that the collapse took place at 9:30 a.m. Those injured were employees of a roofing company from Vandergrift.

Reports stated that several ambulances were sent to the scene to address the needs of those injured. Two workers were transported from the area by medical helicopters. Later reports said both of them were in stable condition. Additional information about the condition of the other three injured workers was not provided at the time of early coverage.

Individuals at the scene after the construction accident observed that an OSHA investigator was talking to one of the roofing professionals. According to reports, the investigation is ongoing. In cases of work-related accidents, OSHA may investigate to evaluate the conditions leading up to workers being hurt on the job. The organization may inspect the equipment used to verify whether there are defects in the scaffolding. Investigators may also inspect positioning and safety measures taken by the roofers in placing the equipment. Their employer may face fines if the company is found to be responsible for the situation due to negligence.

An injured worker in an incident such as this may obtain medical and financial assistance through workers’ compensation. However, if injuries produce more extreme financial challenges than these benefits cover, it may be helpful to consult a lawyer about alternative avenues for seeking compensation to cover losses.

Source: WPXI, “5 injured in apparent scaffolding collapse”, June 16, 2014