As it is, Pennsylvania motorcycle riders are often at a disadvantage on the road compared to other motorists. Drivers may not always see someone on a motorcycle, even in the best of conditions. And when conditions are worse than normal, that problem can intensify.

This winter, as we all know, has been a rough one, not just here but all over the northern section of the country. As a result, potholes — which are practically inevitable in many cold-weather locations — are even worse than normal. One state highway official said that the combination of extreme cold, heavy snow and thorough salting of the roads have led to one of the worst winters for potholes in recent memory.

Extra potholes on the road could make a motorcycle accident more likely to occur. The drivers of cars, light trucks or SUVs might be just as worried about hitting a pothole on the road than they are to mind the traffic around them. Swerving out of the way of a pothole while driving 70 mph on the freeway might save them from damage to their wheels and tires, but that evasive action could lead to a motorcyclist being knocked off his bike if a collision occurs.

Motorcyclists who are injured while on the road through no fault of their own often seek compensation for the injuries they suffer and the damage to their motorcycles. Experienced personal injury attorneys can work with people in this situation to advise them of their rights and their legal options.

Source: The Wall Street Journal, “Cities Scramble As Harsh Winter Produces Bumper Crop of Potholes,” Caroline Porter, March 14, 2014