Two Pennsylvania workers suffered injuries in an accident in Cambrian County. The construction accident occurred at a Hampton Inn in Richland Township on Wednesday, March 26 at around 10:30 a.m. as the two men were trying to repair a carport ceiling that had been damaged by seasonal weather.

While the men were attempting to complete the work, the ceiling fell down on top of them. The two workers were hospitalized and treated for their injuries, which were described as moderate. Video footage showed debris at the scene hours after the accident. Scaffolding and parts of the ceiling covered the ground beneath the carport’s roof, and lights dangled from overhead, suspended by wires. The area was sealed off by caution tape, but the hotel stayed open.

Officials said that the likely cause for the collapse was the ice-buildup and water damage that the men had been trying to address. Fire officials who inspected the scene said that they did not find any significant structural damage.

Construction accidents can often result in serious injuries, and some injuries may make returning to work difficult or impossible. Medical expenses for a worker hurt in a construction accident can also add up, and facing the costs of both medical treatment and lost income at the same time can be difficult. However, an employee injured on the job may be able to collect compensation for damages.

Many employers are required to have workers’ compensation insurance in case an employee becomes injured while on the job. In this case, by filing a claim with help from a workers’ compensation attorney, the two people injured in this accident may be able to receive funds that cover the cost of their medical care.

Source: WJAC, “2 injured in hotel carport ceiling collapse”, Marc Stempka, March 26, 2014