Today isn’t exactly the picture of beautiful weather. It isn’t a motorcycle rider’s dream to hit the Pennsylvania roads while they are sloppy and the wind is cold. As every year proves, however, the winter has its end; spring will arrive; riders will want to ride again.

Though a gorgeous season, the spring can also become dangerous for traffic safety across the country. Motorcyclists in particular can become at-risk motorists. They flock to the roads to celebrate the warm breeze and longer days. More riders means higher chance of motorcycle accidents.

That is why, despite the persistent presence of snow in Harrisburg and other areas, now is the time for a refresher course in motorcycle safety. There is more to preventing motorcycling injuries and deaths than telling riders, “Wear a helmet!”

Law enforcement and motorcycle safety advocates share the following safety advice and more for drivers:

Get off of cell phones, and focus on the road! Distracted driving is an overall traffic safety problem, a problem for which motorcyclists pay a high price. Even while wearing a helmet, a motorcycle rider tends to suffer more severe injuries than someone in a standard vehicle.

Give a motorcyclist room! Giving another motor vehicle a proper amount of space isn’t just a rule between four-wheel vehicles. It is equally important between car drivers and motorcyclists. Motorists commonly neglect to leave enough space between them and motorcycles, which increases the risk of rear-end collisions.

All motorists play a part in making roads safer for motorcycle riders. Helmets might prevent serious injuries, but better, more focused driving by all would be the best method of crash prevention.

Source: The Press Enterprise, “PUBLIC SAFETY: Campaign revs up on motorcycle safety,” Brian Rokos, Feb. 10, 2014