Though various things differ from country to country, at least one thing remains constant: speeding is dangerous no matter where someone is driving. A New Zealand public service announcement serves as a PSA not just to its country’s drivers but to all drivers, including in Pennsylvania.

The traffic safety ad looks like a car ad at first. A driver is cruising on a road surrounded by a peaceful landscape. Soon, viewers see a second car and driver in the commercial. The two vehicles are approaching the same intersection. One stops; the driver looks all ways. That driver’s caution, however, soon is proven wasted due to the other driver’s carelessness.

An artistic twist in the commercial pauses the scene and allows the drivers to have a conversation. One says how he thought he had time to pull out into the intersection. The other regrets to admit that he is driving way too fast. He is unable to stop and unable to avoid the collision with the other vehicle that carries a young child in the backseat.

A crash ensues. Message is sent. Speeding results in severe car accidents.

The New Zealand PSA might involve just actors, but real-life collisions happen every day. Intersections are the locations of many Pennsylvania car accidents that could be prevented if drivers would just slow down and follow traffic laws.

As in the international PSA, seemingly minor driving mistakes can add up to create major tragedy. Someone who is injured in a crash caused by speeding or another form of driver negligence should work with a personal injury lawyer who can help get them through the frustrating and emotional situation.


Source: The Huffington Post, “Powerful New Zealand Speeding Ad Will Make You Second-Guess Your Driving,” Jan. 6, 2014