Though many people are likely looking back on the recent Thanksgiving holiday vacation with fond memories of family, food and time off, accident reports indicate that there are too many in the state whose holiday was tainted by tragedy. 

The Morning Call reports that traffic accidents of various kinds made the roads dangerous in Pennsylvania over the long weekend. Some accidents were so serious that they proved fatal for victims, nine victims to be exact. Reports of last week’s crashes and victims continue a trend of holidays being dangerous for motorists.

But why is the time period so high-risk regarding motor vehicle accidents? Some of the details of the last week’s accidents help identify the reasons. One of the fatal accidents was alcohol-related. Thanksgiving and holidays in general mean that motorists could be driving while intoxicated since parties are so common. In total, state police report that there were 74 DUI accidents between last Wednesday and Sunday.

On a somewhat positive note, fewer victims dies in crashes during this holiday time period than last year’s. Thirteen people were killed in traffic accidents last Thanksgiving holiday. Still, it is unfortunate that during what is supposed to be a joyful time and time of thanks that so much sadness and regret can arise.

Someone who was injured or lost a loved one in a crash caused by intoxication, speeding or any other form of recklessness should work with a personal injury lawyer who understands the stress of the situation and who can help to provide some relief.

Source: The Morning Call, “Pa. state police: Nine killed in holiday accidents,” Dec. 3, 2013