Just as many central Pennsylvania motorists were likely headed home or out for more holiday visits on Dec. 26, they got an unexpected visitor of their own: a heavy snowstorm. That snowstorm not only added white to Christmas, but it added a long day of stress on the roads because of traffic accidents.

Though there was a forecast for snow on Thursday, perhaps drivers weren’t expecting the level of snowfall that came, and that surprise made for multiple car accidents in Harrisburg and surrounding cities. Multiple people involved in the crashes needed medical attention, though no one reportedly died in a holiday wreck.

PennLive reports that within Cumberland, Dauphin, Perry, York, Lebanon and Lancaster counties at least 125 accidents were reported by early morning during the snowstorm. That is a lot of motorists who were in harm’s way. But what’s to blame for the harm?

Sure, extreme weather conditions can make roads more slippery and difficult to navigate. That doesn’t mean drivers don’t have responsibilities to drive safely. Someone who is injured in a car accident involving snow, for example, doesn’t lose any right to fight for compensation because of weather conditions. 

Many rear-end collisions could have been prevented, even with snow, if drivers had left enough space between them and the vehicles in front of them. Slowing down when there is snow on the gorund is also a simple way to avoid accidents. 

Victims of motor vehicle accidents should not assume that they don’t have cause to seek justice without at least discussing a crash and situation with a personal injury lawyer in their area. Come snow or shine, laws still exist to encourage responsible driving and hold negligent parties accountable for their actions.

Source: PennLive, “Pa. Turnpike reopens hours after 35-vehicle crash,” Dec. 26, 2013