Some people leave a lasting impression on almost everyone they meet. Losing these unforgettable and influential figures can be incredibly difficult. Unfortunately, a Pennsylvania community is dealing with the recent loss of two women who were respected by many. One of women was a teacher at the Western Pennsylvania School for Blind Children. She and her friend became involved in a car accident that ultimately claimed the lives of three people.

During the early hours of a recent evening, a 62-year-old driver suddenly crossed over the median of Interstate 79. In doing so, the man’s vehicle collided with a car in the oncoming lane. The second vehicle was occupied by the teacher and her friend. Tragically, all three individuals lost their lives in the crash.

The teacher was planning to visit her daughter, who was a college student, while bringing her friend along. What was supposed to be a pleasant trip took an unexpected and tragic turn.

In the wake of the accident, the women’s friends and family are remembering and celebrating the lives that were taken too soon. In fact, a local restaurant plans to hold a benefit dinner in their honor. The hope is that their positive contributions and legacy will live on years after the fatal crash.

Even though the Pennsylvania community is coming together to recall fond memories of the two women, they are also probably interested in knowing what caused the oncoming driver to veer into the opposing lane of traffic. Having this information could help the accident victims’ loved ones determine their rights and responsibilities under state personal injury laws.

Source: WPXI News, “Family, friends mourn death of women killed in I-79 accident,” Sept. 9, 2013