People want to believe that anyone, regarless of their gender, age, income or profession, are treated the same in the eyes of the law. A Pennsylvania community is debating whether the case of a police officer who was part of a recent car accident is being handled in a fair manner. Is the suspect getting treated favorably because of his public post?

It is likely too early to tell whether officials are justly handling the case of  the deadly car accident. The district attorney’s office is still waiting for evidence from the police regarding chemical tests and more. Those details will hopefully create a clearer picture of what likely happened last Wednesday night, when the off-duty officer T-boned the vehicle of a 55-year-old who later died of his injuries. 

To build that picture and a potential criminal and wrongful death case, authorities have collected video surveillance from a bar where the officer was on the night of the accident, as well as other footage from surrounding cameras in the community. The data could reveal whether the officer was consuming alcohol and give a better idea regarding whether he should have been driving at all. Video from the restaurant establishment could also determine whether it should have stopped serving the officer.

As you can see, there are more unanswered questions in this case than actual facts at this point. One fact is that multiple family members of the crash victim are mourning their loss and are anxiously awaiting answers and justice. We will post an update when there’s a development in this fatal crash case.

Source: 6 ABC News, “Family mourning, Philadelphia police officer under investigation after deadly crash,” David Henry and Dan Cuellar, Sep. 18, 2013