One doesn’t have to be a baseball player to know that Alex Rodriguez of the MLB Yankees has been in some trouble with the league recently. While he has always been a player that people either love or hate, this past couple of months have given everyone a reason to doubt him. He was suspended for suspicion of using performance-enhancing drugs and is taking legal action in response to the controversy.

Based on the above-mentioned drama, it might be safe to think that A-Rod wouldn’t want to take on any extra stress, particularly legal stress at this time. However, sources indicate that a civil suit citing medical malpractice is in the works and that the Yankees’ doctor might have some explaining to do. 

Most rely on the findings and opinions of their doctors in regards to their health and how to lead their lives. Whether someone is a stay-at-home mother, construction worker or a celebrity MLB player, if a doctor says someone is good to go, that encouragement should be based on facts and honesty.

A-Rod reportedly plans to sue his team’s doctor because he believes that the doctor knew of a hip injury but didn’t tell A-Rod about it so that he could address the medical matter. Instead, A-Rod continued to play and had a remarkably bad postseason. Was it because of the hip? One can’t be sure. In the situation of a professional athlete the misdiagnosis of an injury could worsen and threaten a career, one’s financial security.

What is certain is that an undiagnosed health issue can get worse without proper treatment. Sometimes misdiagnoses are serious enough to be fatal. Whether a failed diagnosis leads to someone’s injury, more severe illness or death, there might be legal options for victims to consider. A medical malpractice attorney is a source of information and guidance.

Source: Fox Sports, “Report: A-Rod to sue Yankees’ doctor,” Aug. 20, 2013