For some, disability is a removed idea. Some people have never suffered injuries or illnesses that disable them. But more people than some might think will suffer from conditions that not only are painful and unpleasant but they are severe enough that it keeps people from doing their jobs and supporting themselves.

Forbes recently shared several common myths about disability insurance. The following are a few of the popular and dangerous misconceptions that workers have about Social Security disability and long-term disability coverage:

“A disability won’t happen to me.”

Most people, specifically young adults, like to believe that they are invincible. They like to believe that nothing will get between them and their life goals. Life is full of surprises, however, and those surprises can come in the form of disabling conditions.

According to the Social Security Administration, about 25 percent of those 20 and up will suffer disabilities before retirement. And for those who believe that the young don’t get hurt or sick, research shows that isn’t true. Unum reports that about 40 percent of those with long-term disability claims were under the age of 50.

Some women might think that they take good care of themselves compared to the men in their lives. We don’t know whether it’s true that women tend to lead healthier lives than men, but what we do know is that Unum reports that 60 percent of long-term disability payments within the past few years were to women.

Despite a healthy lifestyle, illness and injury are still possible. It doesn’t matter whether someone is young, old, male or female. Workers should understand the disability insurance options that are available to them and not hesitate to work with a SSDI lawyer when they end up needing financial support because of illness or injury.


Source: Forbes, “5 Myths About Disability Insurance,” Ashlea Ebeling, Sep. 24, 2013