A Pennsylvania man who had been working in Pennsylvania as a mechanic for a mining company was identified by the state police and the U.S. Mine and Safety Health Administration. According to the report, the workplace accident occurred when the man was crushed between a tire and a truck’s frame when he had been attempting to fix a mechanical problem. He was allegedly attempting to fix a leak on the truck’s machinery when the front strut gave out.

The 26-year-old man was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident. It was confirmed by an employee of the company that the man had been working with the company but no other information was provided.

When a workplace accident that results in serious injuries occurs, the injured individual may be eligible for compensation. If the person was injured while on-the-job, they may be entitled to workers’ compensation from the employer. In many cases, however, the employer’s insurance company may deny the claim or offer less than what the person needs to cover medical costs and lost wages. If the company is deemed liable for the accident, however, an experienced Arizona attorney may be able to help provide advice and strong representation for their client in order to obtain the needed compensation.

Furthermore, when suspected faulty equipment is also involved, the attorney may advice their client to file a lawsuit against the company that supplied the defective equipment. For example, a structural piece on the truck the man was working on allegedly broke, which resulted in the accident. The attorney may be able to prove the liability of the truck company by using expert witnesses and accident reconstruction methods.

Source: Post Gazette, “Man killed at Indiana County mining site identified”, Molly Born, July 31, 2013