Most doctors are professionals and deliver to patients only the best of care. Unfortunately, a small number of doctors are responsible for making medical mistakes over and over again and bring a black eye upon the profession.

One particular doctor involved in a Medicare fraud suit has also been sued for medical malpractice three times. However, it is the nature rather than the number of complaints that is most disturbing. He just recently was arrested for providing chemotherapy and other treatments that patients did not require.

A Pennsylvania physician testified in deposition against this doctor.  The physician claimed that the doctor diagnosed a patient with multiple myeloma and had her undergo chemotherapy resulting in the patient suffering serious side effects.

This same doctor has also been accused of failing to diagnose another patient with cancer and, due to delay in treatment, had to undergo treatment that would have been unnecessary if a correct diagnosis had been made in a timely manner.  This woman later died due to her illness.

In still a third case, the doctor failed to notify another physician concerning a patient’s abnormally high blood cell count days following the patient undergoing a hysterectomy.  Just a few days later the woman patient died.

Since doctors like this are often continually practicing medicine without having their licenses suspended, sometimes the only choice a patient has is to retain an experienced medical malpractice attorney to deal with what has occurred. Attorneys can hold these doctors accountable along with the medical providers that continually hire them on.

Though medical errors may be relatively rare, the consequences to patients due to medical mistakes often lead to lifelong disability or even death.  

Source: Macomb Daily, “Accused doctor has history of malpractice lawsuits,” Dave Phillips, Aug. 13, 2013