It can feel peaceful to be out driving at night. Outside it is still and quiet. It might even feel like a driver has the road all to himself. No matter what time it is, however, drivers must drive with the mindset that every action they make could significantly impact the lives of others.

On Tuesday night, a Pennsylvania crash involving various motorcycles and two other vehicles resulted in the loss of a life. Other motorcycle accident victims sustained injuries and are being treated at hospitals.

Did the dark have something to do with the motor vehicle accidents? Authorities are still investigating the severe wreck to try to understand why it happened. An initial investigation suggests that at least one vehicle among the several vehicles veered out of its lane. A head-on collision began a domino-effect of crashes on the Philadelphia roadway.

Officials will likely try to determine whether alcohol or drugs were potential causes of the fatal accident. Also, evidence at the site of an accident can indicate whether speeding might have played a role in a collision.

It is already difficult to see motorcyclists during the day. Add the darkness of night to the traffic safety mix, and it is even more crucial that drivers focus on every move they make on the roads. Though liability is yet to be determined in this situation, the truth is the same. All it takes is one bad decision or one moment of negligence to cause an accident that can cost a person his life.

Source: NBC 10 Philadelphia, “Triple Motorcycle Accident Kills 1, Hurts 3,” July 31, 2013