People of all ages, walks of life and professions have something in common. They love their cell phones. Love and law, however, don’t necessarily mix, and the love of phone activity like texting can get someone in trouble with the law — especially if someone is a commercial driver.

Last month a passenger on a commercial bus going from Pennsylvania to New York noticed something unsettling during the nighttime commute. The bus driver who was responsible for the safe transport of the various passengers was texting and driving.


The passenger’s worry inspired him to rely on technology himself. He recorded the driver’s behavior on his cell phone, a decision that provides evidence to the man’s employer, authorities and the general public that safety regulations are not being followed by at least the one commercial driver.

Pennsylvania has distracted driving laws that are supposed to prevent drivers from texting while driving. Not only was the driver violating those laws, but he violated laws governing the actions of commercial drivers. His employer also notes how the company has strict rules in place that require its drivers to turn off and store their phones while driving.

What more can and should be done to reduce the rate of distracted driving in Pennsylvania and beyond? The bus driver had a bus nearly at full capacity of people and a dark road before him; yet, he still didn’t resist the urge to text and drive. One second too long of texting could have made for a bus accident and various injuries or deaths of the passengers who deserve a responsible driver.

When a driver’s negligence causes an accident, victims of that carelessness should discuss their rights with a personal injury lawyer who has their best interests in mind. 

Source: WNEP, “Bus Driver Blunder: Caught Texting While Driving,” Stacy Lange, July 25, 2013