The Fourth of July holiday is officially over for the year, but there still might be some residual matters related to the holiday that some people are struggling with. Most likely, those matters are related to alcohol and drivers’ irresponsible use of what is reportedly the alcohol of choice in the U.S.

The Beer Institute calculated sales and consumption of beer throughout the U.S. and came up with the average beer consumption in each state. It then listed the top beer-loving states of 2012. Pennsylvania is not on the top-five list, but the nationwide beer consumption trends still suggest that drinking and driving is a valid threat.

Research indicates that within the couple of weeks surrounding the Fourth of July, beer is the top-selling product among all food and beverages in the U.S. The theory is that those weeks in July are common vacation weeks wherein parties are had and, apparently, beers are commonly enjoyed.

That consumer trend isn’t a problem within itself. It is when drinking and driving combine that the country needs to take notice. Just as the holiday is a popular party time, it is a popular travel time, creating the threat of drunk driving accidents in Pennsylvania and every other state.

With the weekend just having ended, official reports regarding accidents and DWI crashes in Pennsylvania are bound to be released soon. Those who were injured in an alcohol-related crash have rights to try to hold a careless driver accountable for combining his love of beer with his decision to drive.

Source: Examiner, “Drinking beer is American way to celebrate 4th of July – Top five beer states,” Mark Leevan, July 2, 2013