A Philadelphia construction worker recently sustained injuries after falling from a cherry-picker lift. The accident happened at a South Philadelphia warehouse where demolition work was underway. According to police, the construction accident happened a little after 11 a.m. on June 24.

According to a police spokesperson, the cherry-picker malfunctioned and threw the construction worker into the air, and he landed at the base of the machine. It was not clear what caused the cherry-picker to malfunction. The worker was reportedly taken to a local hospital after he complained of pain. There is no information available about his condition.

Construction sites are understandably dangerous; however, there are measures that employers can take to protect their employees and keep work sites as safe as possible. There are city, state and federal regulations in place that are intended to make work environments safe. Some companies may try to skirt or ignore regulations, putting their workers at risk for accidents and injuries.

Anyone who has been injured at a construction site may be eligible for workers’ compensation. Sometimes, the first compensation offer is low, perhaps not enough to cover medical bills and lost wages, so it might be beneficial to seek out a lawyer with experience in workers’ compensation cases. The first compensation offer may only be a starting point for negotiations, but the lawyer may be able to fight for a better compensation package.

Additionally, if a workplace is especially unsafe, it may be worth pursuing punitive damages. This can make it more painful for a company to ignore a safety issue. Litigation can be an excellent way to bring awareness to a workplace safety issue and put pressure on a company to make improvements, ultimately making the work environment safer for all workers.

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