Most people don’t have an in-depth knowledge about their vehicles. They depend on the knowledge and skills of professional mechanics to ensure that their cars are running safely. But what happens when a layman’s trust is betrayed by a car shop?

Based on the outcome in at least one incident, when a car shop fails to do its job, people get hurt. A man who was injured in a car accident has filed a personal injury lawsuit against a shop in Pennsylvania that was supposed to fix his car. Mere days before his accident occurred, the shop reportedly had the chance to identify the danger that led to the incident.

Today, the plaintiff in the personal injury case says that he might have a future of dealing with the physical impact of the accident he got into in June 2011. He got into a crash with another vehicle after something went wrong with his brakes. His inability to fully control his vehicle resulted in a collision and the various injuries he’s had to be treated for since the wreck.

The crash victim believes that the shop failed to do its job when he had his Jeep in for a tune-up. According to the negligence lawsuit, the supposed experts at the auto service establishment gave his vehicle a clean bill of health. Several days later, however, the accident ensued. An investigation into the crash identified that a faulty brake line was the cause of the incident.

Motor vehicle accidents can happen for all kinds of reasons. Maybe a driver was drunk, distracted or too tired to drive. As this crash-related case proves, negligence can come in a different form. Whether a person is injured because of the negligence of another driver or the supposed negligence of an auto shop, a personal injury attorney can help establish the best course of action to serve a victim’s, and a community’s, best interests. 


Source: The Pennsylvania Record, “Motorist injured when brakes failed sues Pep Boys,” Jon Campisi, July 16, 2013