Lessons can be learned from loss. The friends and family of the four who died on a Pennsylvania roadway last week hope that the pedestrian accidents will teach their city that the road could be safer. A news report out of Philadelphia covered the fatal accident and noted how not even the recent deaths have changed the behaviors of pedestrians in the area.

It might be up to officials to impose a safety change to the roadway. Currently, and reportedly for the past 30 years, there’s no crosswalk or traffic signs or lights where the car accident took place. The boulevard is clearly a spot where pedestrians tend to want to cross, so safety advocates support the idea that change should be implemented to improve safety at the location.

Every day, multiple pedestrians probably cross the particular area of the road safely. A news anchor reports seeing several people jaywalking after she spent mere hours at the location. But last week, there were two accidents at the location, one of which killed a mother and her three children. The other crash severely injured a 11-year-old bicyclist. While many pass through safely, there is still a clear danger at the location.

NBC Philadelphia reports that the city is evaluating what it would take and mean to add a crosswalk at the location of the recent accidents. There used to be a designated crosswalk at the very spot where the pedestrians were hurt and killed last week. Perhaps the loss and injuries will pave the way for the improved safety of the community.

The mother and children who were killed in a crash were reportedly hit by vehicles that were involved in street racing. When an accident is caused by a reckless driver, victims of that negligence might have legal options. A personal injury attorney can evaluate the incident and explain whether there are valid paths that lead to justice.


Source: NBC Philadelphia, “Pedestrians Jaywalking at Spot of Fatal Boulevard Accident,” David Chang, Queen Muse and Daralene Jones, July 23, 2013