After a certain amount of time on this earth, every person knows that accidents do happen. Bad things happen even to good people. That is the truth with just the natural state of things. When people go out of their way and create danger, it’s reasonable for the public to be outraged.

On April 26, one driver committed various acts of negligence that resulted in one huge loss: the death of an unsuspecting motorcyclist. The Pennsylvania motorcycle accident could have prevented for many reasons. Prevention, however, was neglected and now the situation calls for reaction. The careless driver is charged with vehicular homicide DUI charges.

An investigation into the fatal motorcycle accident indicated that the driver who crashed into the motorcyclist was driving under the influence of alcohol. His blood alcohol concentration was more than three times the legal limit at the time of the crash. One might think that the drunk driver’s history would have prevented the fatal accident from occurring. 

Sources report that the driver has several other DUI incidents on his criminal record. Not only was his driving illegal on the day of the accident because of his drunkenness; his license had been suspended in response to his prior drunk driving convictions, the evidence of which was stated on papers inside the man’s vehicle. 

The details of the motorcycle accident combine to make for a startling example of how there are people out on the roads who neglect to follow the law. When that happens and an accident ensues, victims or families of victims have legal rights to seek justice with the experienced guidance of a personal injury lawyer. 

Source: CBS Philly, “DUI Homicide Charges Filed In Chester County Crash That Killed Motorcyclist,” Brad Segall, May 7, 2013