A construction worker was killed as a result of a fall at a farm in Pennsylvania. The 28-year old man was working on trusses of a barn that was being constructed when the construction accident happened. The man fell 25 feet onto the construction site below. The fall happened during the early morning hours.

According to a representative from the family-owned farm, no one was at home at the time of the accident. Police are continuing to investigate the incident. The representative declined further comment in the interest of respecting the family.

A spokesperson from the U.S. Department of Labor confirmed that OSHA is currently investigating the circumstances surrounding the accident. OSHA will have six months to complete its report. If violations are discovered, fines and possibly other penalties could be levied against the company if OSHA finds that the company could have prevented the accident. The construction company reportedly has no history of workplace violations.

Suffering a workplace injury can be devastating. Injured workers often need medical care and compensation for their time off work. In cases in which a worker is killed in a workplace accident, the family typically questions whether there are avenues through which they can recover damages if the workplace is at fault. Fortunately, victims and their families do not necessarily have to face worker’s compensation and other issues related to workplace accidents alone. Working side by side with a lawyer who specializes in workplace injury cases can possibly make the process of seeking legal remedy less stressful.

Source: Lehigh Valley, “Seiple Farms fall fatal to construction worker“, Kurt Bresswein, May 21, 2013