Pennsylvania has just reduced the rate that employers are required to pay for worker’s compensation. The rate decreased by 4.01 percent, effective beginning April 1. It is good news for employers in the state. According to the Pennsylvania Department of Insurance, employers will save an estimated $110 million in annual premium costs. For employers here in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, as well as elsewhere in the state, actual savings will depend on several factors, including payroll, workplace injury claims experience as well as the category of risk for that employer. Moreover, because rates do depend on such factors, not all employers will see a decrease.

This is the second general rate cut in a row for state employers. One factor that helped to lower premiums was the creation of 10,000 state-certified workplace safety committees across the state, according to the State Labor & Industry Secretary. 

Worker’s compensation is the program that pays compensation to a worker who is injured on the job. Although the program is designed to pay claims resulting from workplace accidents, there can still be complications and delays. Having a workplace injury lawyer can mean receiving compensation more quickly. A lawyer can also help to ensure that an injured worker is getting the types of medications, therapies and medical treatment that they need.

Workers should always report any injury to their employer. Examples of workplace injuries include those of the ankle, foot, knee, back, neck and shoulder as well as ligaments. Some injuries can be quite severe and cause lifelong problems, including hearing or vision loss, amputations, burns and disfigurement. In addition, a personal injury lawyer can also represent the family of a worker killed on the job.

Source: IFAwebnews, “Workers’ comp rates decrease in Pa. for second time in a row,” Apr. 8, 2013